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Frequently Asked Questions - with answers

Welcome to the email service
for all Kiwis - PostBox

1. What happens to my credit card details?
The credit card number is encrypted immediately and sent to the accounts department. This is not stored anywhere online.

2. Will my email address be sold to anyone?
Your details will be kept only within Laurus Technology Ltd and never be sold or given to another organisation.

3. How secure is my email?
Email is stored securely with only staff of Laurus Technology Ltd having access. No one outside the organisation can access the server other than for email and web page updating.

4. How much email traffic am I allowed?
We closely monitor all email traffic and anyone who consistently sends or receives large amounts of data will be notified. We allow large transfers but they should be kept to a minimum. PostBox reserve the right to alter a members email access if the system is being abused.

5. What do I do if I want to change my password?
Email us at

6. What happens if I forget my password?
We suggest that you use a familiar word or persons name for your password. If you forget it, then contact us by phone, fax, or email and we will contact you back. By providing some specific information over the phone to use - like your credit card number - we can check our records and then remind you of your password.

7. How do I change my address?
In the future this will be done through the members page. For now,you can send email to the admin team and they will see that it is changed.

8. How do I change where my email is redirected to?
In the future this will be done through the members page. You can email the admin team with the new forwarding address.

9. I have mislaid the instructions on how to connect to my mailbox. How do I get on?
Start up your choosen email client and put in the following host information:
SMTP Name:
User/mailbox name: Assigned when you joined e.g.
Password: Your choosen password

10. What anti-spam techniques does PostBox adopt?
We currently have a database of well over 2,000 globally identified web sites that we are banning. This means, that any incoming mail from these is rejected. We do need to know any new spam that you receive though. This should be forwarded to


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